Tic Tac Toast

The musicians in Tic Tac Toast are San Diego jamband veterans,
who have formed out of a common love of improvisational rock and
roll. Some of them played together in bands over the years, and
everyone was familiar with everyone else's musical styles. It seemed
like a good match, so they got together in a musty garage in Ocean
Beach. It all started out pretty simple - drink a few beers, jam
through some tunes, have some fun. Somewhere along the way they
discovered a remarkable and uncommon musical bond. It grooved, it
clicked, it flowed.

But you be the judge. Click on the "sounds" link and listen for yourself.

  • Bob Harvey (guitar, vocals)
  • Bob Rosencrans (bass, vocals)
  • Dave Chesavage (piano, organ, vocals)
  • Matt Wallace (drums, vocals)
  • Scott McDowell (guitar, vocals)



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